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Heli Operations Helicopters

On 31st Jul 2017 in Crew,Equipment,News,Search and Rescue,Training

Helicopter painting is both an intensive and highly detailed process, done correctly the end result will look amazing! Like with all complex tasks in life; success tends to boil down to preparation and planning. Helicopter painting is no different, it involves taking everything apart, doing the work and then re-assembling the helicopter… When it came…

Battery LED HeliLights

On 14th Sep 2015 in Equipment

Here at Heli Operations we are delighted to offer Battery LED HeliLights that offer support in all kinds of emergencies – If the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) is required then temporary landing areas will need to be identified and made clearly visible. To find out more about these easy to use Battery LED HeliLights…

The HeliOps Cars

On 12th Sep 2015 in Equipment

The HeliOps cars are soon to be seen at Portland, Lee-on-Solent, Aberdeen and Dublin. The cars provide a cost effective mode of transport for aircrew who are often required to move between bases at short notice. Other advantages are free advertising and minimal environmental impact due the size and efficiency of the cars. What do…