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HeliOps has a demonstrable track-record of aircrew and groundcrew training, both live flying-training from its own heliport at Portland and overseas; and through synthetic-training at its world-class simulator facility at Culdrose. The Company is proud of its exemplary record of safe and regulatory compliant operations in numerous locations globally, under EASA Part NCC and EASA Part NCO. The Company also provides equipment, regulatory support and operational management services to governments, major aviation operators and private individuals.


HercOps, the sister company of HeliOps, provide aviation services including regulatory support, training and aircraft management to various sectors of the military and civil aviation industries.

HeliOps is an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations accredited Aviation Management Company (Level 2), placing great emphasis on the importance of safety and compliance in the modern regulatory environment. As an approved UK MOD training provider, compliance with the UK Military Aviation Authority’s regulatory framework is core to HeliOps’ engineering and flying operations; whilst HeliOps also designs and delivers training to satisfy other rigorous host-nation standards. HeliOps is also an IBAC International Support Services Affiliate and the Official Aviation Inspecting Body for Yachts for the RMI.

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