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Heli Operations Helicopters

Posted on 31st Jul 2017 under Crew, Equipment, News, Search and Rescue, Training

Helicopter painting is both an intensive and highly detailed process, done correctly the end result will look amazing! Like with all complex tasks in life; success tends to boil down to preparation and planning. Helicopter painting is no different, it involves taking everything apart, doing the work and then re-assembling the helicopter…

When it came to producing our own Heli Operations helicopters we enlisted the services of highly trained personnel at the Vector Aerospace Gosport facility UK , offering a high level of professionalism and expertise in paint layouts and custom paint schemes. All in all we were very happy with the end result, what do you think?

Please stay tuned for more news, reviews and photos of our helicopters. We have lots of exciting developments coming up here at Heli Operations, thank you for visiting.