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NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Training

NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Training

Posted on 27th Jul 2021 under Equipment, News, Training

UK-based HeliOperations is taking the lead in teaching commercial helicopter crews how to fly on night vision goggles. Its former military pilots are passing on their skills to benefit a growing range of non-combat-related operations. Recently featured in RotorHub Magazine, HeliOperations has developed a NVG training syllabus that is suitable for commercial, parapublic and military pilots.

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NVG Training Courses

The training process sounds simple, but it was a case of putting the small pieces together to make the transition smooth and seamless. The goggles had to be approved for the Sikorsky S-92, which the Coast Guard was operating. This required another certification to be endorsed. From the outset, HeliOps looked at the minimum requirements necessary for pilots to be qualified on NVGs and decided that it wanted to go further to ensure those who graduated from its training courses felt confident and had flown more than the minimum number of hours required.

HeliOps Night Vision Imaging System

This training is suitable for both civil and military customers and is supported by HeliOps’ own state of the art, full-motion NVIS equipped simulator situated at the Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose.

If you have any questions about NVG Training then please do not hesitate to contact us. HeliOperations have an expert team in place ready to assist with your NVG training requirements.