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Commander of German Fleet Air Arm Commends Delivery of SAR Training

Commander of German Fleet Air Arm Commends Delivery of SAR Training

Posted on 3rd Oct 2018 under Search and Rescue, Training

The outgoing Commander of the German Navy’s Fleet Air Arm has commended the flying training delivered to his Service by HeliOperations. In a recent letter Kapitän sur See Matthias Potthoff applauded HeliOperations’ ability to deliver a comprehensive training solution; one which fully-met the FGN Fleet Air Arm’s urgent operational requirement to train both ab initio SAR crews and SAR captains. Kapitän Potthoff remarked that the training was of the highest-standard and was endorsed by his own German Navy Staneval.

HeliOperations SAR Training Exceeded Expectation

In his commendation, Kapitän Potthoff explained that the course output standard had exceeded expectation and this in-turn had enabled him to make a significant reduction in the hours required to get his crews to post-graduate OFT standard. He went on to praise HeliOperations staff for their efficiency and proactive approach throughout the program; he singled-out and their ability to engage seamlessly with the full breadth of stakeholders including the UK Ministry of Defence and OEMs; this, he said, significantly reduced the commercial risk of the project.

Kapitän Potthoff concluded by saying HeliOperations is delivering an outstanding training solution, operated in a transparent and cost-effective manner.