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Helicopter Pilot Training

Helicopter Pilot Training

Posted on 21st Apr 2022 under Training

From our facility within the Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose, near Helston in Cornwall, HeliOperations provides unrivalled simulator and other training capabilities. Representing a Sea King cockpit, our simulator uses modern high-fidelity visuals and a six-axis motion platform for all aspects of pilot training from Ab-Initio though to full-mission scenarios and pre-theatre preparation in environments including Maritime, European overland, desert and mountain, in both day and night situations.

The Dynamic Simulator pioneered the sophisticated visuals system that allows all training to be conducted on our own or the customers’ own Night Vision Devices without modification – a valuable aid to realistic training. This visual system is the able to retain a full colour picture while using NVDs – a facility that adds to the immersion and realism of the training.

Our customers, recently including the Bangladesh Airforce have successfully proved the concept of using the simulator as an aircraft-agnostic platform for teaching the operation and use of Night-Vision Devices to pilots flying a range of helicopter types.

The lecture and training facilities co-located in the simulator building allows our staff and visiting expert lecturers to provide bespoke training courses on subjects as diverse as aircraft engineering, anti-submarine acoustics, aviation medicine, Crew Resource Management and other aviation related subjects. Combining simulator time within these lectures provides the opportunity to put the learned theory into its proper aviation context.

A world-class Pilot Training Facility

Recent training has seen visiting delegates from the Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Federal German Navy, the Pakistan Navy and the Bangladesh Air Force, all using different aspects of the available opportunities to train Pilot and Rear crew operators in a dynamic multi crew environment. By combining the front seat simulator with our modern classroom facilities, desk top emulators and Virtual Reality using high fidelity graphics the course delegates are immersed into a realistic training environment which improves student learning whilst reducing the time and cost of training.

Helicopter Pilot Training UK

HeliOps has a demonstrable track-record of aircrew and groundcrew training, both live flying-training from its own heliport at Portland and overseas; and through synthetic-training at its world-class simulator facility at Culdrose. To find out more please contact us today!