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Posted: 14th September, 2015

Steve Gladston, CEO of HeliOperations, outlines the ‘LimSAR’ duty of care template currently being adopted by many oil and gas clients globally to support remote

While helicopter operations within the North Sea are under the constant watchful eye of the UK coast guard, the ongoing demand for oil and gas – matched by the seemingly endless innovation by exploration companies to drill deeper, extract more efficiently and operate mote cost-effectively – has led to exploration in countries where there is little or no national provision of maritime SAR to a helicopter that has ditched at sea… Download Full Article

Sustainable Aviation

10th May, 2024

In today's world, environmental sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity. HeliOperations stands at the forefront of the aviation industry, leading the charge towards a greener future. As…

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The Regeneration of ZA 137

18th April, 2024

ZA137 was recently recovered from storage having last flown with the Royal Navy in 
November 2015. Prior to being sold to HeliOps in 2018, the aircraft was stored at HMS…

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Airfix Sea King Model

17th April, 2024

HeliOperations was delighted to host Airfix models to our Portland base last month. Airfix have recently introduced a 1:48 scale model of the iconic Sea King aircraft. Although Airfix have…

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