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UK MOD Approved Training Facilities

On 25th Sep 2018 in Crew,Equipment,News,Training

Farnborough 2018: Jane’s talks to Steve Gladston CEO and founder of HeliOperations on their UK MOD Approved Training Facilities and training programme for German Navy Sea King Search & Rescue Helicopter Pilots operating ex Royal Navy Sea King MK5 Helicopters on the UK Military Register. HeliOperations Train German Navy SAR pilots

Heli Operations Helicopters

On 31st Jul 2017 in Crew,Equipment,News,Search and Rescue,Training

Helicopter painting is both an intensive and highly detailed process, done correctly the end result will look amazing! Like with all complex tasks in life; success tends to boil down to preparation and planning. Helicopter painting is no different, it involves taking everything apart, doing the work and then re-assembling the helicopter… When it came…

Spot the HeliOps car!

On 27th Jun 2017 in Crew,News

During the recent gridlock in Falmouth Cornwall a member of our HeliOps crew just so happened to be in town… A video got posted on the “Love Falmouth” Facebook page showing locals up in arms in the town centre during rush hour! Amongst all the chaos and confusion something unexpected was spotted, a vehicle unlike…

International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations

On 22nd Mar 2016 in Crew,News,Yachts

We are proud to announce that the International Business Aviation Council, has awarded us the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registration. This is a significant accomplishment of which we are extremely proud. Our management and personnel invested considerable time and personal effort to develop and implement this world-class business aviation code of practice….

More Exceptional Performances

On 14th Sep 2015 in Crew

An Irish Coast Guard search and rescue helicopter crew (The captain and Co-pilot being Heli Operations contractors) is to be given a prestigious international award this week for “exceptional performance” in rescuing an injured climber. Our guys will receive the Fredrick L Feinberg award, an award named after a helicopter test pilot. The pilot and…

Crewman Awarded for Daring Rescue

On 14th Sep 2015 in Crew

One of our HeliOps crewmen was recently recognised for his daring rescue in the Himalayas whilst on holiday! Suspended and close to the mountainside, Glenn was put down near the casualty and then clipped himself onto the individual using a karabiner; on Glenn’s command, using only hand-signals, the helicopter lifted them both off the cliff-face….