Airfix Sea King Model

XV666 ‘Damien’

Posted: 17th April, 2024

HeliOperations was delighted to host Airfix models to our Portland base last month. Airfix have recently introduced a 1:48 scale model of the iconic Sea King aircraft. Although Airfix have produced Sea King kits before, none have been in this larger scale that enables much greater detail. Of note, the model is focussed on HeliOperations’ very own XV666 widely and affectionately known as Damien. XV666 is our ‘senior’ aircraft and the kit enables the aircraft to be built in a number of the aircraft’s guises including its original classification as an anti-submarine Mk1 in striking Royal Navy Blue, through to the present day in HeliOperations’ distinctive orange and grey livery as a HU Mk5.

The Modellers and their models next to XV666

HeliOps was delighted to support Airfix in the development of the model. As far back as 2021, we hosted a team from the company to enable them to gather details about XV666 and take many hundreds of photographs of our helicopters. Further visits enabled finalisation of the design and ensure that the kit was a faithful representation of the real aircraft.

The model was released for sale last year following which HeliOperations commissioned the production of completed kits in each of the stages of the aircraft’s life. We were delighted that the modellers that produced them were able to visit Portland and compare their models to the actual machine. The models are now proudly displayed at our Headquarters and a fitting representation of our faithful Damien.

Models on display at HeliOperations’ Headquarters

Airfix A11006 Westland Sea King

King of land, sea, and sky, we introduce the newly tooled 1:48 Westland Sea King HAS.1/HAS.5/HU.5, the most complete Sea King kit ever released with 348 pieces.

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