Helicopter Superyacht Operations

Training of Landing Officer

Are you looking to start a helicopter landing course or maybe learn more about helicopter landings on super yachts? Maybe you are simply seeking the advice of a qualified helicopter landing officer, someone who will recognise the distinct dangers associated with superyacht helicopter landings. We are here to help you (your crew) to act and prevent incidents from occurring. Please visit the training enquiry form below to find out more about our superyacht helicopter landing services.

Training of Pilots

Are you looking to fly helicopters from the world's superyachts? This is often thought of as a pretty exclusive club, but in recent years the demand for superyacht pilots has increased. Many wealthy yacht owners would agree that an on-board helicopter as a necessity rather than a convenience.

Training for Compliance & Audit

Helicopter Superyacht Operations: HeliOps training courses are targeted towards both Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) and the Commercial Ships, Superyacht and Cruise Liner sectors. If your company or superyacht is looking for training or seeking compliance or assistance with audits, HeliOps can help!

Training of Deck Crew

Helicopter Superyacht Operations: On a superyacht all crewmembers play an important role in any operation - By providing the necessary training and understanding of helicopter systems, the overall safety of your superyacht and deck crew will increase.

Please complete the general enquiry form below to find out more about our training services.

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