Other Training

Law Enforcement Training

At HeliOperations we understand the requirement to perform under some of the most demanding conditions. We fully respect the need for law enforcement officers to fly safely and accomplish their missions. HeliOperations is here to offer training, support and helicopter aviation principles to law enforcement sectors. Training is delivered by some of the most experienced SAR crews to be found anywhere in the world.

Helicopter Underslung Load Training

Are you seeking help, support or guidance on helicopter under slung loads? With their ability to hover, helicopters are the ideal way to transport and drop supplies and lift equipment into hard to reach places. External load operations require both training and discipline from every crewmember. The end result is access to all types of terrain; mountainous territory, coastal areas or dense vegetation – HeliOperations under slung load training will help get supplies to hard to reach places.

Commerical Ships / Cruise Liners

Some commercial ships, cruise liners and vessels will have helicopter pads for the purpose of medical evacuations. At HeliOps we offer familiarity training in case of arrival of rescue helicopter to vessel. We offer a unique and informative crew member training course for commercial ships and cruise liners, please complete our general enquiry form to find out more.

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