Helicopter LimSAR Operations

Training for Compliance & Audit

Helicopter LimSAR (Search and Rescue) Operations: Is your company looking for training, seeking compliance or assistance with audits? HeliOperations would be delighted to help, please tell us more about your specifications using the training enquiry form below.

HeliOps training courses are targeted towards Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), The Training & Management of Crews, Commercial Ships / Cruise Liners, Superyacht Operations, Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Offshore Oil and Gas operations.

Training of Winch Operators

Here at HeliOperations we ant you to attain the necessary knowledge and skills required to qualify as a helicopter winch operator. We will help you to understand the duties required and become a valued member of a helicopter crew.

Training of Crewmen

At HeliOperations we recognise that all crewmembers play an important role in any operation. By providing the necessary knowledge, training and understanding of aircraft systems, the overall operational procedures and aircraft safety will increase.

We offer a unique and highly informative training course for SAR (Search and Rescue) crewmen.

Training of Pilots

Here at HeliOperations we offer a unique and highly informative training course for SAR (Search and Rescue) pilots. Helicopter LimSAR Operations include Overwater and Vessel Rescue Hoist Training, Mountain and Cliff Rescues and SAR Essentials.

Please complete the general enquiry form below to find out more about our training services.

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