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About Heli Operations

Heli Operations can expertly, effectively and safely manage all of your executive Helicopter and Super Yacht aviation requirements backed up with over 1OO years of Maritime Aviation Expertise, Offering total or tailored Support packages our personnel can cover every aspect of your Yacht based aviation and Helicopter Requirements.

Whether it is Helideck and Aviation facility design, Helicopter selection and Acceptance, Aircrew Selection and Qualification or the training and development of deck crews and operating procedures, Heli Operations can provide you with a gold standard service delivered by true experts. Safety is our top priority and we can provide or assist with the development of Aviation Safety Management systems for both Helicopter and Vessel, as an IBAC International Support Services Affiliate and the Official Aviation Inspecting Body for Yachts for the RMI.

With huge experience in executive, commercial, maritime, SAR, military and specialist operating roles, Heli Operations brings effective and efficient operating protocols to super yacht aviation while adopting a risk reduction ethos throughout all operations.

Improving safety, providing the right crew, trained and qualified; suitable equipment and appropriate procedures will give any Yacht owner peace of mind knowing family, friends, colleagues and crew are being catered for in a professional and efficient operation.

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